Unconventional Installation

This was a special project for us. We travelled to Lincoln to install solar panels for a super eco-friendly family, and complete their eco-home project in a dramatic fashion.

This customer already had waste water collections systems, and water storage to live basically off the grid. They had installed solar thermal heating, and the last step was to install solar panels to use their self-generated solar power to power and heat their their eco-home.

The Job

This was a unique one for us, in that we built a bespoke ground-mounting system for their new 12 solar panel array. 

The customer wanted to use their disused land behind their house to full effect. We installed 12 405kW panels, and a 3.1kWh SolaX battery to charge their electric car during the night.

Our customer is now going to generate 60% of their power from solar panels and over the course of the systems lifetime will save £36,815 in energy bills! 

More importantly for this customer though, they’re avoiding 1.1 tons of CO2 per year.

Eco Benefits from this Job

Car Km Avoided
Trees Planted
Long Flights Avoided

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