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Solar Power for Manufacturing

High-energy usage sites like manufacturing, production and assembly facilities are feeling the pinch more than most in the UK.

They’re under pressure to reduce costs, and stay profitable – meaning they can be secure businesses in years to come.

How can solar power benefit manufacturing facilities?

BirdBlocker Anti-Bird Netting

Solar panels, like any electrical installation come with certain risks. However those can be managed down to a fraction by installing measures like BirdBlocker anti-bird cages. Birds like to use solar panels to build their nests, which often are dry, wooden kindling – perfect fire starter material.

It begs the question? Are solar panels a fire risk?

Commercial Solar Panels for FREE

Install solar panels on your business without having to invest in the system yourself. 

Using a Power Purchase Agreement, you can use a funding partner to install the system, and then you agree to purchase the energy that the system generates. It’s a set length of time, that means you can lock in your energy rate for the next 30 years if you want.

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Start Creating Power.

Once the solar panels are installed and linked to your system, it takes seconds to start creating usable energy. Once your solar panels are registered with Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG) through your power supplier, you can sell surplus electricity back to the grid.

We choose Your Solar Energy to install solar panels on our brand new homes in and around Wakefield every time. Our reputation and happy buyers are everything to us, we knew the solar panels needed to be perfectly fitted with no problems.

Your Solar Energy haven't let us down, they're one of our most trusted partners and we can count on them for a quick turnaround and perfect installations.

Generating Excess Solar Example

The aim of solar panels is to power as much of your business or home as possible using free renewable energy that you generate yourself.

However, your routine may not make this easy. We take your working schedule into consideration to ensure your system fits your needs. You may benefit from batteries to store the excess electricity, or you can sell the excess back to the grid for a profit.

The good news is that buy-back rates are on the rise, which means you can get upwards of 15p per kW with some providers.

A hybrid inverter can control the flow of electricity to your batteries, and back to the grid. You should consider this when installing your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on how much energy you use. An average UK 3-bed home would take about 7-8 years to pay off. However, larger homes and less energy efficient homes would pay off solar panels quicker.

That said – our average is 5 years to pay off the solar panels.

For commercial businesses, the payback period is much lower. It can be as little as 3-4 years before your entire system is paid off. Leaving you free to benefit from all the electricity you generate.

Solar panels are surprisingly cheaper than they used to be, due to more wider adoption reducing manufacturing costs. With finance, they are an affordable improvement you can make.

That said, some commercial systems would still be hundreds of thousands to install. Your options here also include a Purchase Power Agreement, where a financial backer would pay for the system on your roof and you agree a set price to buy the electricity it generates.

Solar panels can be installed on most UK homes and businesses. If not on the roof, they can be installed on flat areas of land like gardens or garages. The only limitation is accessibility and availability of space. There are some restrictions on listed buildings, speak to our team today to get bespoke advice.

With EPC restrictions coming into place in 2028, solar panels should be high up on your priority list to ensure you remain compliant. Not to mention it can add value to your commercial or residential property for any future buyers or tenants.

The government ECO4 scheme is available to low-income, fuel-poor and vulnerable households receiving benefits. To be eligible for solar PV panels, your home needs to meet specific requirements. Speak to our team to see if you qualify today.

For commercial businesses, you can utilise a Purchase Power Agreement to install solar panels on your business for free.

Solar panels do increase your properties salability. Essentially, solar panels make your home more efficient to run, and more appealing to potential buyers.

We recommend telling your electricity providers, although you have no specific obligation, your electricity providers may be able to support with any queries you have post installation.

Our head office is in Wakefield, but our solar installation experts are from all over Yorkshire. We’re not scared of a bit of travel though, we’ll happily install solar panels all over the UK.

Solar panels last about 25-30 years, and many tier 1 solar panels come with a 25 year warranty. That said, solar panels don’t just stop working after 30 years. They simply degrade to a point where they need replacing due to lost efficiency. This is called degradation.

Solar panels need regular maintenance, which includes industrial scale cleaning. Our maintenance package includes cleaning.

Technology is moving fast in this sector, there is actually an AI robot with wheels that can clean your solar panels automatically. Priced at a modest £40k.

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