Inner City Location

The difficulty with this job, was navigating the narrow busy streets of Wakefield. On the corner of a main road, and nestled between a busy office and stone terraces, we managed to install the solar panels with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. Our customer for this job was an avid car mechanic and enthusiast who had specific energy requirements late at night. Instead of sitting down in front of the telly late at night, our customer got his hands dirty fixing and renovating cars.

The Job

The property was a new build, built on behalf of our customer. This meant we had the opportunity to build a bespoke space into the plans to integrate the solar panel installation and battery pack equipment. Instead of having to find space, the builders accommodated the customers request to have an alcove built for the installation. Our customers needs were met with 8 solar panels and a 6.2kWh battery, generating and storing 14.4kWh per day at the peak of its efficiency. Allowing our customer to work through the night, using his own energy! The system is going to save him £19,413 over the course of its lifetime. Now he’s got even more money to spend on cars.

Eco Benefits from this Job

Car Km Avoided
Trees Planted
Long Flights Avoided

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