Our New Office

In March 2023, we moved into our brand-new office in Kinsley, Pontefract. 

Completely custom built from the ground up, we took an unused warehouse and refitted it with state-of-the-art office equipment. 

Our friends at Your Choice Fire & Security were on hand to fit the office out with the latest in fire prevention, detection and fighting measures, and security systems. It might not look it, but our office is now one of the most well protected buildings in West Yorkshire! The build was carried our by our friends at Yorkshire Choice Homes, they did a fantastic job and the site is now home to their offices as well as ours, and Your Choice Fire & Security.

Going Solar

We had the amazing opportunity to utilise the huge flat space on the roof of our new office, a warehouse in a previous life making it fantastic real-estate for solar panels. 

We installed 104 solar panels on top of the office. A whopping 27.04kW system that over the course of the system lifetime would generate savings of £147,717 on the energy bills!

Every year this system will help us avoid 5.1 tons of CO2 every year, and cut 51% of our CO2 output.

Eco Benefits from this Job

Car Km Avoided
Trees Planted
Long Flights Avoided

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