Solar Panels l Dispelling the Myths

/solar-panel-maintenance/When you think about solar panels what are the first images that spring to your mind? A huge financial outlay? Ugly and cumbersome panels damaging the aesthetics of your home? Inefficient panels that require maintenance and cleaning to ensure performance? Panels that only provide energy when the weather is clear and sunny? A huge upheaval to your home with little benefit?

Whilst any of these things may have been somewhat true, and whilst prices have remained level the shift in technology has been such that there have been massive leaps in terms of appearance, performance, and cost-efficiency for solar panel systems.

Myth 1 – a huge financial outlay

Obviously, anything that is a major home improvement has some financial outlay, however, did you know over the last twenty years the wattage of the basic solar panels has increased to 430 watts, almost double the wattage of older panels – meaning you in effect need half the number of panels to supply the same amount of energy. Practically a two for one deal!

After the initial installation you can expect your solar system to last for 25 years, and when you generate more electricity than you use, you can sell your surplus back to the grid. This will help you reduce your bills further and speed up the time it takes to reap the benefits.

With several bespoke plans to spread the cost, a monthly payment towards a lifelong investment makes more financial sense than a payment to an energy company!

Myth 2 – ugly and cumbersome panels damage the aesthetics of your home

Panels are smaller and more streamlined, designed to blend more fully with domestic roofing. And of course, such is the increase popularity of solar panels, many more houses have them installed meaning it isn’t an unusual sight!

Myth 3 – inefficient panels that require maintenance and cleaning to ensure performance

The panels we fit are tier 1 rated meaning they’re highly efficient. They also contain a drainage system meaning any rain/snow etc can simply drain off the panels. In fact, a good downpour is actually really good for your panels, as it washed away dirt and debris giving them a regular clean.

Opting for a maintenance contract for commercial systems is a good idea to ensure you maximise the electricity it generates. It might 1% of your install cost, but not keeping them maintained may be more costly by lack of electricity it generates.

Myth 4 – panels only provide energy when it’s sunny

Although solar panels work best in direct sunlight, they will still work on cloudier days with less hours of sunlight. Even on duller days, there is still sunlight that can be converted into energy. Very fortunate with the British weather!

Myth 5 – a huge upheaval to your life with little benefit

Standard solar installations are normally completed within a couple of days, although larger or more complex jobs can take a little longer.

Your installer should always give you a full walkthrough of the process to help manage your expectations and mitigate any impact on your household.

Demand for solar energy has massively increased and whilst the green credentials are obvious, the movement has brought some surprising benefits. For example, did you know that having solar panels can increase the value of your home?

In fact, having solar panels installed on your property can mean when you come to sell you have an entire sub-market of buyers to appeal to. Solar energy is no longer the niche it once was, it isn’t always easy to be a trailblazer but now you can make the most of being part of a growing movement and increase your kerb appeal whilst reducing your energy bills – that certainly seems a win-win to us!

There has never been a better time for you to consider going solar and to start reaping the rewards!

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