Solar Panel Maintenance

Proposed changes to fire regulations is expected to include a requirement for solar panel systems to be serviced by an accredited partner to reduce fire risk. As heard recently when experienced and respected Fire Risk Assessor, and board member of the Fire Industry Association (FIA), Chairman of the FIA Fire Risk Assessment Council, Colin Todd spoke to the House of Commons. 

Colin explained how common it is becoming for trusted Fire Risk Assessors to fail Fire Risk Assessments based on an unmaintained solar system. Solar systems are inherently low risk, however if installed incorrectly, the risk could increase to a point where a fire is a real possibility.

As seen with the recent fires as a £70million Aldi warehouse in Peterborough that was caused by incorrectly installed solar panels, leading to an unsafe condition that would have failed a Fire Risk Assessment.

The good news is, all
of this can be avoided!

Solar panel maintenance is a very affordable addition to your site fire safety compliance. It’s usually 1% of your install cost. it’s even guaranteed for the life of the system, for free with with a PPA. A good option for businesses lacking the capital needed to invest in solar.

What's included in solar
system maintenance?

Our team test your system on a regular basis to ensure that you are generating as much power as you think, and as much as the panels can generate, maximising your savings.

We check all wiring in the system to ensure that there is no electricity that is escaping through the insulation via a short circuit.

We’ll maintain a detailed maintenance log for all inspections, cleanings, and repairs. This log can help in identifying trends, planning future maintenance, and resolving warranty issues.

We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the entire system, including panels, inverters, mounting hardware, and electrical systems.

Depending on the location, solar panels may need to be cleaned to remove dust, bird droppings, or other debris that could affect performance.

Birds nesting increases the risk of fire substantially. We recommend to install anti-bird measures on every commercial installation. During maintenance, we’ll ensure that this is preventing nesting.