NEW Commercial Asset Offer Finalised

Brand new for 2024, Your Solar Energy has finalised a NEW asset finance format for commercial properties. Instead of funding the installation of solar panels for your commercial property, sign up to an agreement with a financial backer (including major high street banks) whereby they fund the project and sell the solar energy generated back to you for less than 15p per kW.

Keep your energy bills low. Get solar power in your business, without having to pay for the installation of solar panels. Get a Power Purchase Agreement.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement ?

A PPA is a model which a business (tenant, landlord or owner occupier) leases the airspace above its roof to a provider who then installs the panels for free. The PPA provider sells the solar energy back to the business at a price which is typically considerably lower than available market price.

What are the core benefits to your business of a Solar PPAs ?

  1. Revenue stability: Predictable cash flow reduces financial risks.
  2. Price certainty: Fixed or indexed pricing shields from energy market volatility.
  3. Risk mitigation: Mitigates uncertainties in electricity demand and market fluctuations.
  4. Environmental goals: Supports clean energy transition, reducing carbon footprint.
  5. Cost savings: Potential savings with lower renewable energy prices.
  6. Positive brand image: Showcases commitment to sustainability, enhancing reputation.

What types of finance term are available ?

  • Access market-leading competitive rates through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), offered at a discounted rate compared to your current energy tariff.
  • Benefit from 100% funding without any upfront costs.
  • Experience zero maintenance costs throughout the PPA duration.
  • Look at systems from 100 kWh and above.
  • Flexible terms extending up to 30 years for your convenience.
  • Option for the end user to repurchase the PV system at any point.
  • PPA pricing can include moderate roof repairs, cladding, and the inclusion of hybrid solutions like Battery Energy Storage and EV Infrastructure.

Get in touch today to find out how you can get solar panels installed through a PPA.

The likes of this agreement are very new, and have such no previously been offered to commercial businesses on large scales. This will likely become the norm for business in the UK. Giving commercial decision makers the chance to keep their energy costs low, without having to invest in the huge outlay for solar panels.

For those planning for the future, you do also have an option to purchase the panels at a later date for part of the cost of installation. All options are bespoke to your agreement.

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