Replace & Recycle

While we don’t advise it due to inherent risks involved, it’s certainly the most eco-friendly and economical option when moving offices. We supported this business when they moved premises in taking their solar panels with them. 

It is a huge investment that a business makes for the future, so it’s completely understandable that a business would make the decision to remove them from their existing premises and reinstall them to their new home.

The Job

The risks are potential damage to existing solar panels, brackets and wiring. If they are installed to a high standard, there should be minimal risk within the first ten years.

We tested the solar panels first, to provide a full report to the customer ensuring that there was no pre-existing issues to be concerned about. Fortunately, there were no issues and we could go ahead and refit the solar panels.

We carefully took apart 110 solar panels and reinstalled and saved the company thousands of pounds in purchasing new solar panels, helping maintain their original lifetime savings guarantee.

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