Solar Powered New Builds

With all new builds needing to comply with minimum EPC ratings, there is a huge need for solar power as an easy and cost effective way for builders to meet minimum regulations while providing value to the buyers. 

We worked with a local builder in Carcroft to install solar panels on 3 of their recently completed new builds. This difficulty here was that we retrofitted these after the buyers had moved in due to time constraints.

The Job

We excelled in this challenge! We fully installed three homes in two days! That includes full cable and isolator installation, drilling holes in freshly plastered and painted walls, patching up and leaving looking good as new.

We faced a new problem with having the mains board in the middle of the house, whereas it’s usually installed in more convenient places. We had to install cables through 3 floors of this brand-new townhouse, but rose to the challenge.

Another unique problem we faced was the roof featured three large skylights, although as we design each job to fit the specific circumstances of the customer, this was no issue at all!

Combined Eco Benefits from this Job

Car Km Avoided
Trees Planted
Long Flights Avoided

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