Yorkshire Stone Solar Panels

A unique job, with very unique challenges that our installers certainly didn’t expect to be faced with!

The Background

Our client was a full-time teacher at the local primary school. He needed a system that was suited to his routine of being home during the evenings (marking coursework late into the night), but out at work during the day.

We discussed with our client that a battery with high storage capacity would suit his needs. This setup would allow him to generate sustainable solar energy during the day, while he was on lunch duty, and then in the evenings instead of paying for traditional electricity for lighting and heating, he could utilise the energy his solar panels generated during the day.

The Job

The property was a stunning period end-terrace with original Yorkshire-stone roof slabs. These are an incredibly costly feature if you wanted to install them on a new build in the 21st century. Our client decided to go with ten JAM AB Half-Cell 4.05kW solar panels from JA Solar, paired with a SolaX Power 6.2kWh battery, installed with a SolaX Power 3.68kW Inverter.

A great decision. We recommended a SolaX Power battery due to sleek modern design with minimal wiring and trunking exposed.

The tricky part for us was navigating the unique complexities that Yorkshire-stone presented. Instead of our usual method of installing via roof rails that slip under roof tiles. The Yorkshire-stone tiles were 6X the size of normal roof tiles.

This required a careful approach of installing through the Yorkshire-stone panels, with rubber sealant to protect against the elements.

Reaping the Rewards

Over the system’s 25 year manufacturers lifetime guarantee, the solar panels will save our client £32,983! Even taking into account the initial setup costs, the client will see full payback of the system in 6 years and 7 months. The annual electricity bill savings will be £907.

Solar power has absolutely no emissions. Over the course of the system lifetime it will avoid 851kg of CO2, and the household will avoid 84% of it’s CO2 emissions.

The solar panels have had the following affect over the system lifetime.

Car Km Avoided
Trees Planted
Long Haul Flights Avoided

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