New Homes, Solar Panel Ready for Spring

This weekend, we popped down to Wyke, Bradford to work on a boutique development by Yorkshire Choice Homes. The first of their 15 top-spec new builds are nearing completion at Gladstone Court. We installed the first 38 of the total 116 all-black Tiger Neo N-type solar panels on plots 1-6.

'A stunning development, on the outskirts of Bradford sitting atop a hill overlooking the historic village of Wyke - however beautiful, the difficulty here was the location and the swirling winds' - the installer

Due to it’s unique location, with few protections from the elements, we opted to install double the required number of clips to hold the panels in place in high winds. Working with such a diligent builder, we’re encouraged to take all the necessary precautions when installing the panels.

This marks the second development we have commissioned for Yorkshire Choice Homes, a rapidly growing builder we hope to work with them on many of their future developments currently still in planning. 

An increasingly common sight is builders opting to install solar panels on their plots. Perhaps the easiest way for builders to bring their EPC rating down, and to qualify for certain green credential marks. Without doubt, its also one of the biggest attention grabbing advantages for buyers as it reduces their bills for years to come, and is seen as residual value that will be taken into consideration when selling the property in years to come.

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