Non-Maintained Solar Panels
Fail Fire Risk Assessment

New Legislation Proposed: Mandatory Maintenance for Commercial Solar Panels to Reduce Fire Risk

Are you concerned about the potential fire risk of your commercial solar panels?

As the UK embraces solar energy, concerns about fire safety are rising. New legislation is being proposed to address this issue and ensure the safety of businesses and their employees.

This push comes just 3 months after the enormous fire that destroyed a £70million Lidl warehouse.
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The Need for Mandatory Maintenance:

Industry Expert Calls for Action:

Experienced fire risk assessor and Managing Director of C.S Todd & Associates, recently urged the House of Commons to introduce new compliance regulations. He proposes that businesses with solar panels have their systems checked and tested by an NICEIC MQS accredited electrical company.

Benefits of Mandatory Maintenance:

If this proposed legislation is passed, businesses with solar panels will be required to have them serviced by an accredited provider. This will likely involve regular inspections and maintenance checks.

Taking Action:

Whether you already own solar panels or are considering installing them, it’s crucial to prioritise safety. An accredited maintenance provider would:

By working together, we can ensure that solar energy continues to be a safe and sustainable option for businesses.

If you would like a quick quote on your solar system maintenance, reach out to our team on 01977 803 800. Or if you’d like a quote for installation with maintenance included, please click the link below.

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