Using Solar for Marketing in Business

With an ever-changing business landscape, standing out from the crowd and offering your customers something different can be a major challenge for decision makers, just how do you ensure your offering is the most desirable to your customer base.

Your customers will not be choosing a company simply on their commercial side and what they can offer, but on YOU as a company. Did you know that a report commissioned by SmartestEnergy revealed that a massive 81% of respondents prefer to buy from sustainable sellers, with consumers increasingly favouring brands with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Does your company take sustainability seriously?

A company that takes sustainability very seriously and who are a pioneer in this department is Sainsbury’s who have a number of initiatives in place to ensure their ongoing commitment to the environment. In May 2023, they opened their flagship store in Hook, which is projected to use 50% of the energy of a similar-sized Sainsbury’s store and 25% less electricity than its other most energy efficient stores.

One of the biggest factors in this groundbreaking store is the fact that the complex will operate using 100% renewable energy and will not rely on any fossil fuels. The roof alone features 700 solar panels which are expected to provide 300 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy for the store per year.

It might seem a daunting task to start the process for change needed, but in reality, taking the plunge into solar energy is easier and more straightforward than you might think AND although it may require some initial financial outlay, is cost-effective.

Easy wins are very rare in the business-world as the last few years have shown. But a small shift in thinking towards a more sustainable future for your business can reap the rewards on more than one front.

And that’s the kind of business talk we like!

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