Installing Solar Panels on Rails

By far the most common way to install solar power panels on existing buildings is to attach them to rails that sit on top of roof tiles. Most of our installations to date have been done this way, it protects the integrity of the roof tiles and maximises the energy generated by the solar system.

Here are a few of our reasons why fitting solar panels to a roof on a rail is the best option;

  • The main benefit that people see installing panels to a roof rail system is that the KwH generated is higher than other options. The rails provide better ventilation to the photovoltaic cells and allows significant cooling in hot weather.
  • It also allows the least amount on conduction through the roof tiles, losing the least amount of transient energy.
  • Often the choice of installation for existing new build developments where the roof has just been fitted, and it would be a waste to discard new roof tiles. Installing solar panels via a rail system also allows installers to protect the existing roof tiles in place on the premises. Roof rails can fit under the tiles and thus no drilling or damage to the roof has to occur.
  • The installation of solar panels via roof rails also for minimal disruption to a roof in the event the solar panels need to be removed. The roof rails simply detach from the timber and the panels from the roof rack.

Installation of solar panels via a roof rail system typically is the quickest to install,  this would the best option for a homeowner of an existing property.

There are two other ways to install solar panels. In-roof and ground-mounted.

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