Installing Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

The type of solar panel installation varies on the individual needs of the customer. If you have an unsuitable roof, either it’s not flat enough or doesn’t have the required square footage, or perhaps it’s a listed building and installing on the roof would cause too many problems. You can opt for a ground-mounted system.

A ground-mounted solar panel system has some unique benefits that you may find;

  • It gives you the chance to utilise unused space that may be out of reach behind a garage or on some derelict land.
  • The ease of accessibility allows for a super quick turnaround, often within one day, rather than three.
  • If there are any problems, or if the panels need servicing or replacing at the end of their lifespan this can be done within an hours rather than days.
  • Most gardens in the UK are south facing, which means you can maximise the sunlight on your solar panels.

If your situation requires, or allows, a ground-mounted solar panel installation your engineer will walk you through the best location and how to get the most out of your area.

Other options include; on-roof and in-roof installations.

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