Why Get Solar Panels?

Besides the monumental environmental challenge we're facing as a species, Solar Power is the most commercially sensible option as a homeowner.

Between 6-10 years, your solar panels will have paid themselves off, and you will be earning money, on top of having no energy bills, by selling energy back to the National Grid.

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Save on Energy Bills

The average 3-bed UK home can save an average £398 a year on energy bills.

Cut Carbon Output

As well as benefiting from cleaner air in the UK, solar panels have the added perk of reducing a homes carbon footprint by one tonne of carbon every year.

Invest in an Income

The average 3-bed UK home can make up to £120 a year selling energy back to the grid.

Add Value to Your Home

Most buyers in the UK are looking for more eco-friendly homes, searches on Rightmove went from number 500 in the keyword spot in 2020, to 98 by 2022.
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