Solar Panels for Domestic Landlords

It’s not just homeowners that will benefit from installing solar panels on their property. Thousands of build-to-rent builders and landlords are installing solar panels and heat pumps on their investment in an effort to remain 100% compliant and improve the capital gains on their investment at the same time. 

Beat the Rush

Our founder, James, explains how the UK government have introduced new regulations that mean all privately let properties have to meet a new minimum EPC rating. 

In 2021, homeowners with gardens flocked to put up fences and re-landscape their outdoor spaces. This caused prices of materials and labour to skyrocket. With 5 million rental properties in the UK, when it gets to crunch time there will be a spike in prices of solar panels. Get in now and make it cost effective.

What Does Solar Power Cost?

We can provide and install solar panels for as little as £2,600. You can even spread this cost over the next 10 years and add it into your letting fee. It’s a win-win. You get solar panels that boost your homes value and your tenants get free electricity and cheaper council tax.

What Next?

You’ve seen the light and want to go ahead with installing solar panels on your property. You’ve got just one question left, how easy is it?

Get a Free Quote.

In seconds, find out how many solar panels you need, the cost and how long it will take to pay back. You can choose from as long as 10 years, spreading the cost and include the low fee in your tenants rental costs.

Confirm Proposal.

Invite our team out to complete the proposal, after which you'll receive your online proposal via email, you can sign in person or later online. After which, we'll be in touch to agree an installation date.

Book Installation.

We'll be in touch to arrange installation, just pick a date and time that suits you. Installation usually takes 3 days. We will do our best not to disturb your tenant, we know it's their home as well as your investment.

Start Creating Power.

Once the solar panels are installed and linked to your system, it takes seconds to start creating usable energy. Once your solar panels are registered with Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG) through your power supplier, you can sell surplus electricity back to the grid.