Rotherham Golf Club –
Exclusive Members Offer

Home solar panels starting from £4,599
Now from £3,999 only for
Rotherham Golf Club members.

Current and past members are applicable for this offer,
price available on proof of membership.

Please note: All homes, customers and energy usage patterns are different, and as such we will provide a quote based on your recommended system to cover the majority of your usage without creating a large excess of energy. Depending on these factors, your system may be larger and therefore more than the minimum 6-panel £3,999 system price offered. 

What is the Offer?

As part of our ongoing relationship with local golf institution, Rotherham Golf Club, we are offering all current and past members 15% off their solar system installation at an already very competitive rate. Including all materials of solar panels, invertors, wiring, batteries and labour.

Not only that, but every residential installation pays the club £200, and commercial installations being subject to a percentage of revenue being paid back to the club. Helping support a historic club, and an important part of Rotherham and the golfing community.

Get a bespoke quote now, and see how much you can save on energy bills.

Customer Reviews

Stephen Buckley
Stephen Buckley
Google Review
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Had a custom set-up done by James and his team, the set up was professionally done and it linked in with my ecoflow system seamlessly.

I recommend these guys so much that I will be having further battery work done with them in the near future.

Jason Begg
Jason Begg
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We choose Your Solar Energy to install solar panels on our brand new homes every time. Our reputation and happy buyers are everything to us, we knew the solar panels needed to be perfectly fitted with no problems.

Your Solar Energy haven't let us down, they're one of our most trusted partners and we can count on them for a quick turnaround and perfect installations.

Previous Customer
Previous Customer
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These lads were highly professional, polite, knowledgeable, friendly and forthcoming with information right from the quotation all the way to the aftersales team.

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on how much energy you use. An average UK 3-bed home would take about 7-8 years to pay off. However, larger homes and less energy efficient homes would pay off solar panels quicker.

That said – our average is 5 years to pay off the solar panels.

Solar panels are surprisingly cheaper than they used to be, due to more wider adoption reducing manufacturing costs. With finance, they are an affordable way to improve your home.

Solar panels can be installed on most UK homes. If not on the roof, they can be installed on flat areas of land like gardens or garages. The only limitation is accessibility and availability of space. There are some restrictions on listed buildings, speak to our team today to get bespoke advice on your home.

Absolutely! With EPC restrictions coming into place in 2028, solar panels should be high up on your priority list to ensure you remain compliant. Not to mention it can add value to your property for any future buyers.

Solar panels do increase your properties salability. Essentially, solar panels make your home more efficient to run, and more appealing to potential buyers.

It has never been a better time to install solar panels. Energy bills are rising, and the planet is in critical danger from the climate crisis. Cut your energy costs, become less dependent on external factors, and do your bit for the climate crisis by installing solar panels.

We recommend telling your electricity providers, although you have no specific obligation, your electricity providers may be able to support with any queries you have post installation.