Our Sectors

From top-spec new builds, to offices and manufacturing plants. We’ve installed solar panels on premises small and large. Our experience varies hugely, there’s no problem we haven’t already encountered and solved. Find examples of our work with the sectors we work in below.


We’re the chosen supplier for Yorkshire Choice Homes. A regional housebuilder for homes and developments within Yorkshire. We’re the sole provider for all solar panels installed on these top spec new builds.

We’ve worked on big and small houses alike. There’s no challenge we haven’t already overcome. Here are a few of our favourite jobs…


We know how important maintaining a positive P&L is for businesses in the current climate. Reducing operating costs year-round is a huge step forward in increasing profits.

Not to mention the incredible sustainability credentials it adds to your CSR policies, and your net-zero goals. Just think about the marketing angle, how would adding solar power give you an edge over your customers with todays consumers. Here are a few of our recent commercial jobs…


Overheads in industrial premises are one of the biggest outgoings. Machinery, lighting and security systems that all need constant power. Often these systems are run for 24hours, and need backup power to be able to operate safely.

Previously, the operating costs for these premises have been an eyewatering amount. Solar power is the key to unlocking incredible efficiencies. With an huge untapped flat space on the roof, solar panels are perfect for industrial premises. Here are a few of our best examples…

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