How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Depending on the size of your roof and your energy usage, your quote will differ. However, we can provide a typical size system of 6 solar panels for £2,600. This is based on a usage of around 2,071 kW. The standard usage for a 2-bed home in the UK.

On mains supply, the cost of running your 2-bed home is around £353.01 a year, or around £35 a month. You’ll need to factor in standing charges that come to around £85 a year. This means that for a year, you’d pay around £438.01. 

With a 6-panel system installed, your electricity bills effectively disappear overnight! Instead of paying inflated electricity bills, you can pay back monthly finance payments to cover your panels. After 5+ years you’re finance is paid off, and you save around £500 a year assuming electricity prices keep increasing.

What size system do I need?

For residential homes, this depends on your annual usage. You can find this on your utility bills, or your login portal.

You can even use your electricity costs in our calculator to work out what size system to you need.

The best way to do this is to use our 90 seconds quote tool to get a bespoke no-obligation quote that you can use to compare prices from other solar companies.

What brand of solar panel is best?

In the last few years, the development of solar panels has taken a huge step forward. The efficiency of panels being produced has doubled. That means you can install standard size panels and generate 

We recommend Jinko Tiger Neo All-Black panels. These come with unique benefits that maker them the solar panel of choice at the moment. They have:

  • longer warranties
  • less degradation over time
  • black metal frames to blend in with the roof material more.


Additionally, they have in-built optimisers. These keep the panel running to optimal efficiency. For example, if your roof has some shading the in-built optimisers split the panels into individual cells and only turn off the parts in shade, rather than the whole panel. Meaning you still you get power from the rest of the panel that’s not covered by shade.